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The LABJET has been officially presented on the EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE exhibition (nov.2017)

After taking part several times in the EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE exhibition with the CHARLYROBOT product range dedicated to education, MÉCANUMÉRIC presented its new water jet cutting machine during the 2017 edition of the exhibition, on the 15,16 and 17 November in Paris.

Specially designed for the education and Fablabs professionals, the LABJET attracted many visitors with its compact and completely enclosed format, its very high pressure industrial pump (4136 bars available in 10 or 20 HP) and its versatility in the cutting of soft materials with pure water and hard materials with abrasive water.

The sales teams are happy with these positive feedback. They have won a great deal of contacts from the professionals of the training field and Fablabs. MÉCANUMÉRIC will have to convert these contacts into satisfied customers in the coming months !

The CHARLYROBOT 2U serving the students’ creativity of ESACM « Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont-Ferrand » (nov. 2017)

The ESACM ]ProtoLab (Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole) has recently purchased a CHARLYROBOT 2U CNC milling machine to MÉCANUMÉRIC with multiple options : 4th axis, suction unit, CAD-CAM CharlyGraal software, MAYKA software 4 axes…

Open to art students in 2013 and then to the public outside the school in January 2015, the ]ProtoLab[ is today the first Fablab in France dedicated to digital art. Already equipped with a 3D printer, a laser machine and a numerical embroidery machine, the Fablab offer the possibility to produce many artworks : floral canvases on which poems have been embroidered, wax casting thanks to 3D printing, laser engraving on volcanic rocks, creation of a board game…

The CHARLYROBOT 2U will be soon installed and will enable the Art-Students to realize wood carvings or carvings on various plastics, prototyping, machining on materials such as polystyrene…

LABJET : Efficiency and accuracy of the water jet for the « makers »

LABJET : Efficiency and accuracy of the water jet for the « makers »

The LABJET is the machine offering industrial performances and affordable budget for the FABLABS, the prototyping sector and the world of education. Compact and easy to use, this machine combines accuracy, power and  safety.

Thanks to the VHP proposed pumps (4136 bars, in 10 or 20 HP), the LABJET can cut with pure water (soft materials such as rubber, leather, foam…) and also with abrasive water (for hard materials such as metal, glass, stone…).
Completely enclosed, the machine  offers a maximum safety for operating quite safely.

MECANUMERIC, a new offer for the « makers » (sept. 2017)

MECANUMERIC, a new offer for the « makers » (sept. 2017)

MECANUMERIC, through its CharlyRobot product line, offers a range of machines for the « makers » sector (FabLab, TechShop...) on its main three technologies  : milling, waterjet and laser.

New milling product :
The DMC milling machines range is extending with a new version of DMC 300 and DMC 600. These machines will be proposed with a performing technical cabinet (containing the suction pump, the cooling unit, a chip collecting drawer, storage drawers…). A new size with the  DMC 6120 is announced, designed to receive larger material plates.

New water jet product :
MECANUMERIC launches the LABJET, the only machine with industrial performances and budget accessible for the FabLab and the world of education.
This LABJET machine is proposed with a high pressure pump 4000 bars from 10 to 20 HP allowing the pure water cutting, loaded with abrasive for working on soft materials (foams, rubbers, …) and also very hard materials (steel, titanium, stone, marble, granite, glass…).  

New laser product :
The  CO2 QUICKLAS laser cutting and engraving machine, with size 800 mm x 600 mm and 70 W sealed laser, is the ideal equipment for any  FabLab or TechShop.

By the end of this year, MECANUMERIC will propose a  pack for the FabLab including a milling machine, a laser cutting machine, a waterjet cutting machine, a 3D  printer and a lathe.


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