The lycée Marcellin Berthelot acquired a thermoforming machine (dec.2017)

The thermoforming solutions offered by MÉCANUMÉRIC are adapted to the industry sector but also to the training sector. Evidence for this is the sale of a thermoforming machine to the Conseil Régional de Bretagne (Brittany Regional Council) which will soon supply the lycée Marcellin Berthelot in Morbihan.

The LABJET has been officially presented on the EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE exhibition (nov.2017)

After taking part several times in the EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE exhibition with the CHARLYROBOT product range dedicated to education, MÉCANUMÉRIC presented its new water jet cutting machine during the 2017 edition of the exhibition, on the 15,16 and 17 November in Paris.

The CHARLYROBOT 2U serving the students’ creativity of ESACM « Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont-Ferrand » (nov. 2017)

The ESACM ]ProtoLab (Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole) has recently purchased a CHARLYROBOT 2U CNC milling machine to MÉCANUMÉRIC with multiple options.

LABJET : Efficiency and accuracy of the water jet for the « makers »

The LABJET is the machine offering industrial performances and affordable budget for the FABLABS, the prototyping sector and the world of education. Compact and easy to use, this machine combines accuracy, power and safety.

MECANUMERIC, a new offer for the « makers » (sept. 2017)

MECANUMERIC, through its CharlyRobot product line, offers a range of machines for the « makers » sector (FabLab, TechShop...) on its main three technologies : milling, waterjet and laser.