Always listening to teachers, we do our best to meet their requirements as best as we can.

CHARLYROBOT by MECANUMERIC is the leader in the field with over 8000 equipment sold in the training centers. Those establishments are equipped with scanned axes, electronic monitors, mini-milling machines, CN milling machines or prototyping stations.

Différentes pièces réalisées par les élèves, sous la direction de M. D. Saget, leur Chef des Travaux.

Technical objects made by the De la Salle High School (Avignon)

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Used technologies :

The High School in Avignon owns 2 CRA4, 1 CRA2, 1 charly4U et 1 charly2U

Charlyrobot : Why choose Charlyrobot for your pupils?

Mr The Chief of Works: The charlyrobot machines are both simple to use and design enough so that the pupils – even the most reluctant – feel like working on these systems.
 Moreover, we always have been able to make the millings we wished to make.
 Last, and most important, our pupils will find again the charlyrobot machines in the industry.

What do you manufacture with your Charlyrobot machines?

In secondary school for instance, we manufacture different kinds of technical objects :

- All the internal parts of a model boat : couplings, motor holder, plastic holder, remote control... . technical objects such as the housing of an electronic siren with our pupils of 13 years old, CD holders with our pupils of 14 years old.

In High School, with our pupils of 15 years old, we manufacture for instance models cars. More precisely, we use the machines to engrave, mill the lights, trim and mill in 2D.

What are the materials milled by the pupils?

We mill different materials such as : ABS, PVC, poly­carbonate, wood and aluminium. The machines are easy to use and to install so it allows a very fast apprenticeship an take over of the machine by the pupils. Which is primeval since the charlyrobot machines are used through the discovery of the productite and the technology in secondary recommended by the National Education.

What are the perspectives for the future of the technology and the different technical fields with the new changes of programs?

The charlyrobot machines are perfectly suitable for the new program of the 11 years old children and more particularly for the realization part of the program, thanks to the simplicity of installation of these machines.