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Charly4U - Charly2U
Charly4U_4th Axis

Charly4U - Charly2U

Thanks to their simplicity of use, to their amazingly fine milling results and to their wide surface of milling, the charly4U/2U are a reference in the field of the education. Sold in thousands of copies these machines strengthen their position as the leader on the maket of the machinery for the National Education

The strengths

• Performance and dynamics of the millings.

• XYZ stroke 310 x 220 x 160 mm (charly4U).

• XYZ stroke XYZ 600 x 420 x 280 mm (charly2U).

• Structure made of very rigid steel.

• Double guiding by prismatic rails in grinded steel with re-circulating ball bearings.

• Integrated greaser on each axis.

• Interpolation 3 dynamic axes.

• Easy, fast and reliable tool change and point-zero pickup, thanks to the tool sensor.

• Design and ergonomics.

• 180° visibility.

• Lighting : integrated halogen.

• Installation, taking over and immediate training.

• Compliant with the European safety directives.

• 2D and 3D milling.

• Many options : “brush-less” servo-motors, micro-lubrication, automatic tool changer, depression table, high frequency spindle with integrated electronic converter, very high frequency 40 000 rpm spindle with liquid cooling, fourth axis.

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